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about me

Woah it's one strange feeling writing about yourself huh? I guess I'll start with the basics! 


My name is Elana Monteleone and I'm a straight-shooting Sagittarian goofball with a foul mouth, sensitive soul, inquisitive nature and passion for words. I hail from the Northern suburbs of Melbourne (Victoria) and am a senior web writer by day and moody poet by night.

about my words

As a web writer, I spend my 9-5 developing messaging for organisations that aims to sell or promote. It's a lot of nerdy fun for me to adapt my style and tone to match a brand's voice, and I always enjoy the challenge of developing content to generate click-through and sales.

But as a poet, I get to go deeper.

I get to write about all those scintillating experiences that make us tick, in any way I see fit. It's about using my creativity to reach hearts, rather than conversion rates.

The common ground? I always keep my writing simple and honest. Whether I'm writing for someone else or for myself, I keep it candid and relatable. 

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