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Dance of Rejection

He spoke

She listened

Her eyes began to glisten

As the dance of rejection commenced.

It’s not you,

It’s me,

Well actually – it’s she,

See my heart belongs to someone else.

Dumbstruck she took

That almighty left hook

Right to the core of her heart

But what do you mean?

How long has it been?

Who is she,

How could this be?

I’m so sorry babe

I don’t know what to say

I guess

It just turned out this way.

So he got up and left

And she quietly wept

Thinking of the life they'd had.

After five long years

It had ended in tears


With her thoughts and fears.

So what happened next?

It’s what you’d suspect,

All her faith in love was lost.

But as time passed by

She stopped asking why

This terrible thing happened to her

Once her heart had healed

Self-discovery revealed

She was happier now,

Without him.

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